It is a Known Fact That

It is a Known Fact That American Society Has Become Increasingly Unequal
Of the entire consumer purchases, 37% are made by 5% of those Americans who are in the highest income group as per a study of Moody's Analytics. It should not be a surprise to anyone as it is a known fact that American society has become increasingly unequal.With the bulk of the income moving upwards, the middle class lack sufficient purchasing power to keep running the economy without sinking more into deeper debt; everyone has seen where that leads to. The economy is dependent on the spending power of only few persons and naturally this exposes it to bigger booms and bursts. The rich are prone to speculate and splurge when their own savings are performing well. But when the value of their own assets takes a tumble they withdraw. This leads to wild fluctuations.The economy of the country will not get back on rails until this push towards inequality moves in the reverse gear. Even if Obama manages another stimulus and even if Bernanke keeps rates of interest near zero - neither of these moves can perform a miracle without the middle class having the spending power. Pumping becomes a solution only if the well is holding sufficient water.Looking back into history covering a hundred years, this pattern emerges. During the days when the super rich took a reduced proportion of the total income (1947 to 1977 - the great prosperity years) the nation in its entirety grew speedily and median wages spiked. A virtuous cycle was generated by which the continuously growing middle class had the capacity to consume greater supply of goods as well as services; this in turn led to the creation of more jobs and better jobs that led to further fueling of demand. This rising tide did in reality lift up all the boats.But during those days when the proportion that the super rich pocketed (1918 to 1933 and again starting from the time of the Great Regression in 1981 till today) the speed of growth became slow, median wages began to stagnate and the country suffered mega downturn. Thus it is not accidental that over the past century the share of the top earners of the nation peaked in 1928 and again in 2007. These two years preceded the biggest tanking of the economy.