Ways to Gather Working Capital Loan for Your Business

If you think that getting a working capital loan today is tough, ask all those who've been into the business world for the last 20 years. They would confidently bet that the ways and means to get a loan in today's times are much more and faster, too. Any viable business has, in fact, a decent pool of options to approach to raise working capital for business. Any casual attempt to know all your options would divulge that besides taking a business capital loan for from a bank, you could also approach factors or merchants for funding your venture. Alternatively, you can approach payroll financing companies as well, which extend quick & lien free financing to deserving companies to help them meet their payroll expenses.While a loan from bank is preferred at large, it has its share of negatives, too. It is touted to be the cheapest option to raise working capital. However, it is the best choice only if you wish to continue with the loan for more than six months. It may take anywhere between 60 and 120 days to get this kind of loan sanctioned. You need a lien for taking a loan from bank. Further, you will generally need to pay upfront administrative charges or processing fee. In case you have to get the loan reviewed or may be certified from your accountant, it will attract serious costs.The alternative companies accounts factoring is again a well-known route for raising money in business. However, factors usually wish for a long term relationship with their customers as that only promises some serious earnings for them. So, taking up such a loan turns out to be much more expensive and time consuming than anyone would expect. You need a lien to apply for this type of loan, as well. In fact, taking a loan from a factor often proves to be a trap; or like being addicted to an intoxicant or drug. Not only taking yourself off it is difficult, when you eventually get off it, you realize how much money you lost/ wasted in the process. So, whether you are looking for short term loan or long term, account factoring should be your last option amongst bank loan and loan from one of the Payroll Financing companies.Merchant funding is yet another seemingly easy option to draw money but you tend to get a very small amount of money for a loan through this method.